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Cursos Track 1 Sabado

Endometriosis Awareness

Dra.Idhaliz Flores

Hyperbaric Medicine and Modern Therapy Application

Dr. Carlos Gomez

HIV Update-Treatments

Dra. Zelma Fuxench

Coronary Artery Disease, Hyperlipedemia, Anticuagulation

Dr. Teodosio Rucabado

Skin Infection in Elderly Population- Pharmacology Treatment

Dr. Isaul Hernandez

Diagnostic and Management of the Arthritides

Dra. Zaida Fuxench

Insomnia- A counter Clockwise Apporach

Dr. Jaime Claudio

Cursos Track 2 Viernes

Magistral Conference/Teaching Excellence Among Medical Providers

Dra. Malynie Blanco

Management of Multiple Sclerosis- Pediatric and Pregnancy

Dra. Rhaisa Castrodad

Breast Feeding & Lactation Medicine: A Relatively New Specialty

Dra. Lorimar Ortiz

Poster Presentations

Cursos Track 2 Sabado

Geriatric Medication Updates

Dra. Lucia M Garcia

Goals of Care- Lets Talk

Dra. Carmen Nieves

Integrating Assistive Devices for Improved Patient Care

Dra. Jomary Gonzalez

Irritable Bowl Syndrome/ Crohns Disease/ Ulcerative Colitis Colon Cancer Screening

Dr.Rodolfo Estremera

Obesity- What to do? Whats New?

Dr. Sabdi Perez

Dementia Behavioral Management: Beneath the Surface

Dra. Andrea Delgado

Walking Devices: From Disability to Functional Mobility

Dra. Nayrin Zoe

Vaccines Updates

Dra. Iris Cardona

Physical Activities and Aging

Dra. Alejandra Gonzalez

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